The Original Fire Containment Bag

FCB 1200

FCB 1200

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FCB1200 has developed a patent-pending fire containment bag (and thermal gloves) for quarantining spontaneous ignition of laptops and/or any other Lithium-Ion battery products. If you are not aware, there have been numerous cases in which the Lithium- Ion batteries in laptops have ignited spewing 4’ – 6’ flames as the internal cells spontaneously ignite. Whereas the FAA simplistically advocates dousing the initial fire with water, re-ignition is very probable due to the remaining heat-damaged cells.

Our unique product (sized to allow up to a brief case to be quarantined) incorporates  unique layers to diffuse the heat while retaining the electrolyte and a portion of the potential noxious fumes. Our product has been exhaustively tested via a FAA/DoD certified testing agency and became the industry standard for testing. We are currently working with corporate and commercial operators. Realizing that laptop computers are becoming common cabin and cockpit equipment along with cell phones and IPads, the risk becomes much greater to the flying public and professional flight crews.