Independent Customer Test

FCB 1200 LLC provided a fire containment bag for independent testing by a prospective customer. They were so impressed with how it performed that FCB1200 won the contract. 

Unlike our tests conducted in an FAA/DoD certified test facility there was no exhaust ventilation pulling the smoke away from the test area. Following C.O.M procedures for "Smoke in the Cabin" would dissipate the smoke much faster.

FCB 1200 is the original fire containment bag and we are proud to say that with our newest customer we are airborne "Every Minute of Every Day". 

Is your air crew protected?

After all 12 individual cells ruptured, an internal and external inspection was accomplished on the FCB 1200 fire containment bag. Internally, the residue collected verified the fact that the electrolye remained in the bag. Externally, a “stained” area was noted where the dyed outer layer discolored because of the “blow torch” effect of the internal pressure and fire during emission of the electrolyte. An internal temperature of approximately 1,000 degrees F occurred at this localized area. Lastly, a 1,500 degree F block of steel was placed in the FCB 1200 fire containment bag for ultimate testing purposes. To no surprise, the fire containment bag material and construction was not breached.

Even with the laptop contained, additional battery cells may ignite causing smoke to billow from the flap. The uniquely designed fire containment bag captures the emitting electrolyte, which in turn negated a “fireball”. For ultimate test purposes, the FCB 1200 fire containment bag had an internal metal plate placed inside which was heated to 400 degrees F. This prompted the laptop battery to rupture all 12 individual cells. Internal and external thermocouples were strategically placed to gather resultant temperatures.

A typical “fireball” occurred when the electrolye was released into the air. By donning the attached heat-resistant gloves, the Flight Attendant is trained to quickly place the burning object into the FCB 1200 fire containment bag and close the Velcro flap. The contained object is then relocated to a predetermined location on the aircraft away from the passengers.

After working closely with an industry-leading manufacturer of high temperature resistant material, FCB 1200 designed and fabricated a patent-pending fire containment bag. After exhaustive manufacturer testing, FCB 1200 accomplished its own independent certified testing. An actual laptop equipped with the largest commercial extended battery pack (12 individual battery cells) was heated to a point where combustion resulted. Combustion occurs when the thin-walled Lithium-Ion battery cell ruptures spewing the highly flammable electrolyte.

FCB 1200, LLC was formed in 2006 with a focus on addressing the commercial aviation issue of Lithium-Ion battery spontaneous combustion. Whereas the industry focus has been in regard to laptops, this issue also applies to personal entertainment devices (PED’s), DVD players, cell phones, battery operated tools, etc. We are currently working with several domestic and international operators. Please reference the sequential pictures on our web site for the test results!

The Original Fire Containment Bag

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